New urbanism in Marugamemachi

The concepts

Human comfort urbanism

Our mission is to build a comfortable community.
Marugamemachi is changing into a pleasurable and sustainable area.

Beautiful surroundings

In Marugamemachi we set our own rules to keep the area organized. "No smoking" "Pushing bikes" are the examples which we need to agree to create the beautiful surroundings. It enables us to create a better place to live.

Special place for civic uses

"Connectivity" is the key to creating a special place. The place needs to be at the center of Marugamemachi. We created the place for meaningful relationships with more people, neighbors or even the people from other communities.

Reachable functions

In the bubble period, the people in Marugamemachi were made to leave the area because of the increased rent. After the period, efforts have been made to try and enrich the daily functions for the people, such as restaurants, variety shops, supermarkets, and clinics to bring the people to back.

"Joyful, beautiful, wealthy" life

We proposed a higher standard of living to the people. We also increase the opportunities of small local businesses. For example, introducing local produces developments to restaurants, and management of organic food retails for creating healthier life style. We believe that higher quality of life promotes the local community encouragements.

Traditional Neighbourhood Structure

We are sure that Marugamemachi has been taking the most effective way to re-develop the area. Marugamemachi has a long history; the small shops formed the shopping street and have been helping each other ever since the area was developed. The harmony is the uniqueness which big retailers will never have. Marugamemachi is small and always friendly and also its culture is glowing. The friendliness and growth are based on the traditional life of the people of Marugamemachi.